For the modern mind equipped with greatly analytical faculties and education, a fast paced and stressful life, and a long conditioning to ways of “doing” rather than “being”, meditation – a process of just being a mere witness of all that happens on the screen of mind – is quite a challenging and even daunting task. To be able to face one’s thoughts without favor or rejection, to be able to encounter and accept one’s past, one’s sicknesses and abnormalities is not so easy and comforting. Hence meditation techniques professed and taught in Satya Sadhana Sansthan ashram are by nature dynamic, rather than passive. They are preparatory for the disciple to arrive at a stage where it can simply sit quietly and witness its thoughts. But the preparatory ground often requires ability to learn the simple yet arduous task of meditation.

So meditation techniques taught at Satya Sadhana Sansthan have in them dancing, shaking, catharsis, chaotic breathing and various other means to cleanse the mind of accumulated negative emotions and stress. Once the body and mind have been purified by practicing these techniques, a sense of ease and calm is developed inside the seeker who then finds it easy to simply sit and watch its thoughts (or breath) passing.