Sannyas means entering into a new world, the world of the no-ego. The ordinary world is the world of egos. Sannyas is falling out of those trips, dropping out of those trips and, rather than looking outwards, turning in. That is the only way to know who you really are. – Osho

Sannyas is a continuous journey, an attitude of surrender that begins with the initiation (deeksha) by the Master and ends in surrender of oneself to the Master and the Existence as a whole. It is a journey from ego to egolessness, from mind to soul, from darkness to light and from death to immortality.

Master Samdarshi initiates disciples into sannyas four times a year on specific days:

  1. Master’s Birthday: February 15
  2. Master’s Enlightenment Day: April 2
  3. Guru Purnima: July (the date changes every year based on Hindu Calendar)
  4. New Year eve: December 31

Seekers who feel committed to the adventure of journey within, from a confined ego to an unbound infinite soul, are invited to dip into the ocean of awareness and love and begin their own journey. There are no pre-conditions to take sannyas except for a deep commitment to find oneself and deep love for the Master.