Meditation Techniques

Meditation is simply the art of slipping out of the continuous chatter of the mind and its antics. It is simple and non-judging watching of one’s thoughts, emotions and moods as they pass through the screen of one’s mind. To be non-judging and indifferent to passing thoughts, however pleasant or disgusting they may be, however enticing or repelling, is key to meditation.

As we watch our thoughts dispassionately, without judgment in favor or against, the thoughts begin to fall as dead leaves from a tree. Watching stops the process of providing energy to the thoughts on which they thrive. Gradually the speed of thoughts lessens in the mind and the thoughtless gaps between them widen. With diligent practice, the seeker comes to stage, where thoughtless gaps appear more frequently and for longer intervals while thoughts lessen their hold on the being.In the thoughtless intervals, the seeker is replenished with something of beyond the world, something pristine and divine. In those intervals, the seeker is in the state of “being” and not “becoming”, in closest contact with one’s true self and core.

With the help of the Master and with diligent meditation, the seeker gradually drops its mind and its sicknesses, ideas, prejudices, boundaries and opens its heart which is connected with the Infinite Existence. As the disciple comes more and more into its heart, love erupts, intelligence manifests, sensitivity develops and one lives in a state of let-go. With trust that it is being led to its destiny by the Ultimate Being and the purpose of our life on earth is to share our joy, love and creativity.

Meditation is silence of mind, cessation of thoughts, abnegation of ego.